Meme Watch: Pizza Is Apparently A Vegetable

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Last week, the United States Congress passed a revised agriculture appropriations bill that basically stated that 1/8th of a cup of tomato paste could qualify as a half cup of vegetables in terms of nutritional value. Essentially, Congress said the amount of tomato paste that is served on a slice of pizza in your kid’s school cafeteria counts as a serving of vegetables. But since we are the people of the Internet and we are awesome, we read that as:


Sure, most of us know that’s not what Congress said, and some of us even know that Congress is mostly correct – you know, if you’re cool with replacing your actual vegetables with something that has the word paste in its name. But everyone else on this damned invisible cyber world wants to believe that Congress literally declared that pizza is a vegetable, while in fact only one person has ever done such a thing – 8-year old me, explaining to my mom why pizza counted as breakfast.
Thankfully, though, the Internet’s misunderstandings have a tendency of turning into some of the finest memes. Pizza as a vegetable is oh-so-fortunately no different.

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