Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen Snipes At CNN’s Brian Stelter: ‘Wear More Makeup On TV’

Over the weekend, Buzzfeed News released a report claiming that Trump’s legal team was considering legal action to prevent from CBS from airing a prerecorded interview with Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes. Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford), who is now offering to return the $130,000 payment on her “hush agreement,” sat down with Anderson Cooper last Thursday for the segment which will ostensibly air on Sunday, March 18.

Meanwhile, Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, the crack legal genius reportedly responsible for using his Trump Organization email address to make the arrangements to pay off Daniels out of his own pocket, is directing press inquiries to his attorney, Larry Rosen.

Which leads us to the following hilarious exchange that apparently took place between CNN’s Brian Stelter and Cohen, when the former reached out to the latter with a press inquiry into the possible legal action. Stelter detailed the conversation in Monday’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter, and the following gem was pointed out by White House communications strategist Mark Miller.

For his part, at least Stelter had a good sense of humor about the whole thing:

You can accuse this presidential administration of a lot of things, but handling scrutiny with maturity and aplomb will never be one of them.

(Via Buzzfeed, Mediaite)