Michael Cohen Claimed Trump Once Said He’d Rather Don Jr. Go To Prison Over Ivanka Because ‘He Can Handle It’

The people who know Donald Trump well — and have managed to escape his orbit — don’t seem to think of him too highly. Mary Trump, his niece, wrote an entire bestseller about him, with a subtitle referring to him as “the world’s most dangerous man.” Recently she claimed, with clear certainty, that he would throw his kids under the bus to protect him from the feds if he had to. Now another person who knows the former president well, his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, is saying pretty much the same thing.

According to Raw Story, Cohen — who is currently serving time, in home confinement, for things he did for his old client — did a wide-ranging interview with The Lincoln Project, the organization of anti-Trump Republicans who joined forces in an attempt to keep him from a second term. They were discussing the likely indictment of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, and the possibility that someone in the actual family could go to jail, including the big boy himself.

Cohen then regaled his hosts with a story. It was one he’d written about in his 2020 tell-all Disloyal, but it never gained much traction. That’s incredible because it’s pretty juicy: Cohen recalled a conversation he once had with Trump in which he wondered aloud what he would do if he had to choose a child to go to prison. If it was between Ivanka and Don Jr., Trump chose Don Jr., because, he allegedly said, “he can handle it.”

The Trump children have remained loyal to their father through thick and thin, although Tiffany and Barron keep a low (or, in the latter case, non-existent) profile. But here we have two separate people in the know telling us their loyalty to him doesn’t matter that much.

Cohen said a lot more over the lengthy chat. When asked what he thought Trump was feeling during the Jan. 6 insurrection, he speculated that he probably loved it, saying it was “better than sex.” He compared the man who employed him for 12 years to Jim Jones, the Jonestown cult leader who poisoned his flock. He described Mar-a-Lago, where Trump spends most of his time (sans Milania and Barron, it seems), as “an insane asylum for incredibly wealthy sycophants who want to sit there and pet the fat ass of Donald Trump.”

He did shoot down one popular theory: the elusive, possibly fictitious “pee tape,” the damning video allegedly owned by Vladimir Putin as a blackmail tool. But Cohen doubts it exists because, in Raw Story’s words, “he would have been able to find it.”

Anyway, Don Jr. will probably record some suspiciously amped-up motel video to refute Cohen’s claims rather than face up to the possibility that his dad might like him less than Ivanka.

You can watch the full video here. Cohen pops up around the 23-minute mark.

(Via Raw Story)