Michael Cohen Has Testified That President Trump Thinks Don Jr. Is An Idiot, And The Jokes Are Flowing

President Trump’s one-time personal attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen gave his highly anticipated testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday morning, and as expected, he spilled all of the tea and then some. Cohen spoke about his former boss’s history of racism, hush money to Stormy Daniels, and history of lying about his finances — and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Naturally, the subject of the infamous July 2016 Trump Tower Russia meeting came up, and while allegedly confirming what everybody already knew — that Trump, of course, was not only aware of the meeting but helped orchestrate it — he inadvertently dropped some shade on Donald Trump Jr. Namely, that the president doesn’t hold his eldest son in especially high regard.

“Something clicked in my mind. I remember being in the room with Mr. Trump, probably in early June 2016, when something peculiar happened. Don Jr. came into the room and walked behind his father’s desk—which in itself was unusual. People didn’t just walk behind Mr. Trump’s desk to talk to him.”

Cohen said he then recalled Don Jr. leaning over to his father and whispering, “The meeting is all set.” “I remember Mr. Trump saying, ‘OK good… let me know.’ What struck me as I looked back and thought about that exchange between Don Jr. and his father was, first, that Mr. Trump had frequently told me and others that his son Don Jr. had the worst judgment of anyone in the world,” he added.

Cohen also added that Don Jr. would have never been authorized to set up a meeting of any significance on his own, and “certainly not without checking with his father.”

Now, Don Jr.’s history of buffoonery is certainly no secret: getting owned by Seth Rogen, that failed Halloween socialism lesson, not knowing what the “N” in SNL stands for … the list goes on and on. But this may be the first time we’ve heard that even his dad feels the same, and Twitter is gobbling it up — much like one might, say, eat ice cream while being questioned about their father’s illicit affair with a porn star.



Meanwhile, Don Jr. seemed to prove Cohen’s point by live-tweeting during the testimony, including one heck of a head-scratching retweet:


Oh yeah, this is a guy who is definitely going to do great behind bars.