Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents’ Roast Of Sarah Sanders Is Being Criticized As Too Harsh

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04.29.18 35 Comments

If you missed Michelle Wolf’s appearance at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, you missed what might be the most buzzed about appearance since Seth Meyers hosted in 2011 and Stephen Colbert in 2006. Both of those garnered reactions for being “infamous” and “too biting,” but Wolf’s material might have them beat based on the early reactions. Her performance did not hesitate to call out people in the room, particularly Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and didn’t attempt to clean up for the audience.

The Washington Post noted that Wolf “didn’t win over the room of some of Washington’s best-known journalists, politicians and a slightly less celebrity-filled roster of guests,” but the same can’t be said about the people who watched online and outside of the room.

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