Mike Lindell Claims That He Was ‘Attacked’ At His Debacle Of A Cyber Symposium, But An Eyewitness Says Otherwise

Mike Lindell (verbally) attacked Sean Hannity after getting (physically) attacked himself. Or so he claims.

The MyPillow founder told attendees of his cyber symposium last week that he was assaulted at his hotel in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A police report was filed, but “he did not go into detail about the incident while on stage,” the Sioux Falls Argus Leader reported. All Lindell would say is that it “hurts a little bit” and that he wants “everyone to know all the evil that’s out there.” An eyewitness claims he’s full of it, though.

Lindell, who was in Sioux Falls hosting an election fraud symposium, told the Associated Press on Tuesday his encounter with a man seeking a photo late Wednesday left him doubled over in pain… However, the conference attendee who was taking the photo, Jeff Buongiorno, said, “There was no attack.”

While talking with his buddies in the hotel bar, Buongiorno, a Republican congressional candidate in Florida, saw Lindell walking through the lobby and asked for a photo with the conspiracy theorist. “As Buongiorno finished taking the photos, another man Buongiorno did not know approached the group and asked if he too could have a photo with Lindell,” according to the Associated Press. “Lindell’s recounting of the incident last week matched much of Buongiorno’s description, except that Lindell said the second man wrapped his arm around him and shoved an object into his side.”

Lindell called it “one of the worst attacks on me I’ve ever had,” but Buongiorno stated that “nothing he saw could be described as an attack that would leave Lindell in pain.”

Lindell defended his account, saying Buongiorno would not have seen the assault from where he was standing to take the photo. Lindell added that he was scared that saying anything would have escalated the situation and that he doubled over in pain as soon as the elevator doors closed.

The local police are investigating the alleged assault.

(Via the AP)