MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Is Still Trying To Weasel Out Of Paying The $5 Million He Owes A Data Expert

Last year, Mike Lindell had the brilliant idea to host a “Prove Mike Wrong” contest where he offered a $5 million award to anyone who could debunk that he wasn’t sitting on data that proved the 2020 election was stolen. To the surprise of no one, Lindell did not have the goods. A cybersecurity expert named Robert Zeidman easily discredited Lindell’s “data.” However, Lindell refused to pay up, and the whole thing landed in court.

Lindell lost an arbitration ruling, and his attempt to have a court overturn that ruling failed last month, which seemed to be the nail in the coffin until the MyPillow CEO went for a last minute appeal.

Via Above the Law:

So on February 24, Judge Tunheim gave Lindell 30 days to pony up the $5 million plus interest since April of 2023. And on the 30th day, he noticed an appeal to the 8th Circuit.

Lindell hasn’t asked Judge Tunheim for a stay of the judgment, likely because the original arbitration language, which was drafted by Lindell’s personal attorney Kurt Olsen, defers payout until all appeals are exhausted.

Here’s the thing: Lindell’s lawyers have already bailed thanks to him pulling the very Trumpian move of not paying them either. He’s reportedly retained a bankruptcy lawyer in his last-ditch effort to get out of paying Zeidman the $5 million award.

This latest legal move follows on the heels of Lindell’s MyPillow being evicted from a Minnesota warehouse because, and you’ll never believe this, Lindell wasn’t paying the rent. The CEO was reportedly behind over $200,000, and he made no efforts to block the eviction.

(Via Above the Law)