Mike Lindell Is Back On Fox News, And He’s Whining About ‘Cancel Culture’ While Selling His Bible-Themed Pillows

Mike Lindell’s hiatus from Fox News is over. You can celebrate by buying the world’s tackiest pillow.

The MyPillow founder pulled his ads from the network in July after “Fox News declined to run a commercial linked to his efforts to promote his claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Lindell quickly regretted the decision, however, and after submitting multiple commercials that were rejected because they included information about his various conspiracy theories, he’s now back. Guess how long it takes him to mention “cancel culture.” (Time’s up: four words.)

“Hello, I’m Mike Lindell. Cancel culture has not only affected myself and MyPillow, but millions of you out there,” he said before hawking his memoir. “By the time you’re done reading my book, you will believe that with God, all things are possible.”

You know what else is possible? Great deals on pillows!

Shortly after that, Lindell began promoting his memoir, entitled What Are the Odds, and offered to sell it as part of a package deal with a series of pillows depicting famous stories from the Bible. “You would regularly get this bundle at $219, now just $99.98 with your promo code, and free shipping!” Lindell informed viewers.

Here are the pillows:


“All things are possible,” as long as you spend 100 bucks on a book you can get for $3 on Amazon and five pillows that look like they were made by the same people as VeggieTales. But without the catchy songs. You’ll be able to see Mike’s commercial the next time you’re in the doctor’s office or at the mechanic, or you can watch it below.

(Via Raw Story)