Mike Lindell Suffers Another Humiliating Legal Setback, This Time In His Lawsuit Claiming That He Was Defamed By Reports That He Dated Jane Krakowski

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell just lost what might be his strangest legal case yet — and no, it has nothing to do with voter fraud or election tampering.

Lindell, who’s currently fielding a handful of lawsuits, including one from Dominion Voting Systems who’s suing him for $1.3 billion, was dealt a blow in his own libel suit against The Daily Mail (via Hollywood Reporter) this week over rumors they published concerning his dating life. The outlet ran a story earlier this year that claimed Lindell courted 30 Rock actress (and comedic national treasure) Jane Krakowski, engaging in a passionate affair with the star over the course of several months. According to the initial article, the romance was an “open secret” in Manhattan’s West Village, and though Krakowski’s friends may have been puzzled as to why she would date Lindell, it supposedly involved gifts, champagne, and liquor reportedly lavished upon her.

Both Lindell and Krakowski denied ever meeting each other, let alone engaging in a romantic relationship but, curiously, it was Lindell who took offense to having his name attached to a Hollywood star. His libel suit against The Daily Mail claimed that the story “disparaged his moral character” because it involved alcohol.

“They’ve done so much damage to my reputation,” Lindell previously told The Daily Beast. “They have damaged my integrity as a Christian and my network to help addicts everywhere.”

Unfortunately for the MyPillow czar, a judge decisively disagreed with Lindell’s claim, ruling that there was nothing in the article that appeared defamatory — to Lindell at least.

“Even assuming the romance never happened, the above description would not defame Lindell,” the ruling stated. “Dating an actress — secret or not — would not cause ‘public hatred,’ ‘shame,’ ‘ridicule,’ or any similar feeling towards Lindell. Both Lindell and Krakowski are unmarried adults, and Lindell’s alleged actions typify those of a person in a consenting relationship.”

Honestly, if anyone should be upset over this kind of Hollywood gossip, it’s Krakowski. Can you imagine having people think you dated a guy QAnon cult members think is the reincarnation of JFK, Jr?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter & The Daily Beast)