Mike Lindell Went Crying To Alex Jones Over His Viral ‘Lumpy Pillows’ Deposition Meltdown: ‘You Start Attacking My Pillow… I Got A Big Problem’

This week saw the release of deposition videos where a combative Mike Lindell rants and swears at attorneys for Eric Coomer, a former Dominion Voting Systems executive who filed a federal defamation lawsuit against the MyPillow CEO. In one of the videos, Lindell can be seen melting down after one of the lawyers presented a customer review calling his pillows “lumpy.” The guy straight up lost it.

“No, they’re not lumpy pillows … when you say lumpy pillows, now you’re an a**hole! You got that? You’re an asshole is what you are!” Lindell yelled via The Daily Beast. “Lumpy pillows? Kiss my a**. Put that in your book.”

Thanks to the video going viral, Lindell went running to Alex Jones to explain why he used such foul language despite claiming to be a devout Christian.

“You can attack me, I can take that. I can take it. You start attacking my pillow, my employees I got a big problem with that,” Lindell told Jones via Newsweek. “I lost my cool on that one… that’s the one I swore in, that’s how mad I was. I was out of character by doing that.”

There was also another factor, Lindell said. They kept making faces at him:

Lindell also hit out at Cain as well as another Dominion attorney, and accused Coomer of making strange faces during the deposition. He told Jones: “You have the same criminal crooked lawyers and this guy making faces at me, the guy Eric Coomer, the guy that’s actually suing me, I didn’t even know who this guy was, he’s making faces and doing this stuff, you don’t see him in the camera but I’ll tell you what.”

Despite the meltdown video going viral, Lindell doesn’t mind that the deposition has been released (or “leaked” as he wrongly frames it) because “it backfired on them.”

As for how exactly the video release backfired, the MyPillow CEO did not say.

(Via Newsweek)