Mike Lindell Walked Out Of His Belligerent, Nightmare Deposition To Shill MyPillow Products On Steve Bannon’s Podcast

Mike Lindell is facing a number of financially devastating lawsuits thanks to his rampant spreading of election fraud theories, none of which have been proven to be true. One of those legal actions is from former Dominion Voting Systems employee Eric Coomer, who Lindell falsely accused of being on an “Antifa conference call” to steal votes from Donald Trump. To the surprise of no one, Lindell has been belligerent during the entire deposition process.

According to newly released videos and transcripts, Lindell paused one of the depositions so he could go on Steve Bannon’s podcast and shill MyPillow products. He even used the fact that he was being deposed to try and boost sales from Bannon’s audience of MAGA listeners.

Via Insider:

“Well, Steve, I’m in the middle of a deposition for a big attack on MyPillow right now, and it’s disgusting,” Lindell told Bannon during the episode, before telling listeners they could get a discount on pillows with the promo code “WARROOM” for the company’s 20th-anniversary sale.

“We have the MyPillow beds — the best beds in history,” Lindell continued. “You haven’t even heard about ’em yet.”

“Mike Lindell, you’re a patriot and a hero,” Bannon responded. “Go back into your deposition and give them hell. Give them hell from the War Room.”

When Lindell wasn’t taking calls or recording podcasts in the middle of the deposition, he reportedly insulted Coomer so many times that his lawyers petitioned the judge to sanction the MyPillow CEO for his belligerent behavior.

According to Insider, Lindell ranted so much that one of the court reporters who was transcribing the deposition refused to show up for work the next day.

(Via Insider)