Mike Lindell’s Frantic MyPillow Fire Sale Isn’t Going So Great

Thanks to Mike Lindell refusing to back down from pushing thoroughly debunked election fraud claims that the 2020 race was “stolen” form Donald Trump, major retailers like Walmart and Bed, Bath And Beyond stopped selling MyPillow products. In January 2023, Lindell claimed that the company lost $100 million thanks to being frozen out by retailers. But just a few months later, he stopped by Steve Bannon’s podcast and crowed that, actually, things are going great thanks to the invention of “MyPillow 2.0.

To the surprise of no one, things were not going great.

This week, Lindell confirmed reports that the company has been frantically auctioning off items in a fire sale thanks to the $100 million loss in revenue. With retailers no longer stocking MyPillow products, Lindell got to work unloading everything from sewing machines to office equipment. That effort is also not doing great as over 100 items are still sitting unsold, and the ones that are moving, are selling for way under market value.

Via Newsweek:

For example, a 45-inch by 20-inch ‘Hytrol Power Belt Conveyor’ is currently going for $5, despite similar products being sold for more than $250 on other second-hand websites.

Similarly an “entry security cage,” 88x66x99 inches in size, also has $5 as the top bid, whilst similar items are being sold second-hand, for over $1,000 elsewhere.

According to Newsweek, the items for sale on K-Bid are set to end their auctions at various points on Tuesday where activity will often “increase dramatically.” However, it will need to be very dramatic in Lindell’s case as he appears to be taking a bath on the over 854 items listed for sale.

(Via Newsweek)