Wacky Pillow Man Mike Lindell Says He Has ‘Cyber Evidence’ That All The Elections Republicans Lost In AZ, PA, And MI Were Rigged: ‘They’re Caught!’

Donald Trump announcing his intention to run for president a third time in 2024 might just be the closest we ever get to him conceding the 2020 election. Because, if he did legitimately win in 2020, how could he run for a third term? While we’ll leave the mysteries of how Trump’s brain works to science and the history books, his newly announced candidacy seems to maybe have prompted Mike Lindell to move on with his life, too. And by “move on,” we mean re-channel his obsession with election fraud in 2020 to a new obsession with election fraud in 2022.

On Monday, former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski shared video of Lindell from the MyPillow scion’s own FrankSpeech TV, where he dropped the enormous bombshell that he and his trusty team of election investigators had “cyber evidence” that basically every midterm election that a Republican lost to a Democrat was rigged:

We have cyber evidence of a 37,000 vote flip on the Kari Lake race on Thursday after the election. We have all the Edison data that came in in real time, that came through on all races, including [Mark] Finchem, Blake Masters — they all won, ok? They all won!

Though Lindell promised (and not for the first time) that he was about to “expose everything” and claimed that “they’re caught!” of whomever he believes tampered with the voting machines, we never really actually got the evidence (again, not for the first time). And presumably that’s because it does not exist.

Instead, the kooky pillow guy just spewed a lot of verbal diarrhea about how the best way to prove that there was election fraud is for all of the Republicans who won their races to… request a do-over?

“Anybody out there that won,” Lindell said (it’s cute that he thinks anyone is watching him), “any Republican that won in this country… should demand a new election themselves.” And not just a new election, but one in which we only use paper ballots and that each vote is hand-counted. Because in Lindell’s mind — which spent decades being abused by drugs and alcohol — that’s the only way to prove that our elections are rigged. Even though he supposedly has the “cyber evidence” to show that already.

Just say no, kids.