Wacky Pillow Man Mike Lindell Is Whining To Elon Musk That It’s ‘Disgusting To Be One Of The Few People Still Banned From Twitter’

There are a lot of “disgusting” things going on in America (never mind the world) right now, including rampant political corruption, institutional racism, and the government assault on the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and a woman’s right to bodily autonomy — to name just a few. What doesn’t rise to that same level of social injustice? A guy who makes sh*tty informercial pillows and spreads bonkers conspiracy theories not being allowed to tweet. Yet here we are.

On Tuesday, former crack addict Mike Lindell, who doesn’t seem to know what a “shoutout” is, gave a “shoutout to Elon Musk” to let him know just what he thinks of his new Muskified Twitter — and whine about his suspended account remaining suspended while chatting with Steve Bannon (who seems to revel in making Lindell perform hysterics for the cameras).

The way the pillow scion sees it, if Musk’s goal is to make a platform for “free speech,” then he shouldn’t be “carving out the guys who are going to talk about our election crimes and our election integrity… I think I would like to do a shoutout to Elon Musk right now: Hey, check out the evidence! I was banned because I was telling the truth. And that’s disgusting to be one of the few people that’s still banned.”


Not to be outdone when it comes to wackadoo conspiracy theories, Bannon told Lindell that he has no desire to be on Twitter because it’s “financed by the Chinese Communist Party.” He then called upon Musk to prove that what he was saying is not true.

But Bannon wasn’t through with Lindell yet. As Raw Story reports, the layered-shirt enthusiast wanted to see just how far the Pillow Man would go to get back on Twitter. “Would you commit — right now — to do an open live Twitter with Elon Musk?,” Bannon asked the man who once organized a protest outside Fox News HQ that even he failed to show up to. “He could play 20 questions, he’d rip your face off, you present your evidence and he takes you on mano a mano and your evidence about what you believe is the voter fraud related to machines and other things in the 2020 election.”

“Absolutely,” Lindell replied, because of course he would. “And I would do that any day anytime, any time of day or night, and I’ll drop everything I have to do that, Steve, because I believe it’s very important to our country.”

By “drop everything” he means… what exactly?

(Via Raw Story)