Mike Pence Wrote A Bizarre Op-Ed Pushing The Same Voter Fraud Lies That Almost Got Him Killed By MAGA Rioters

If you’re unlucky enough to suffer a near-death experience, you probably do your best to prevent whatever almost killed you from doing so the next time. Not Mike Pence. Almost two months ago after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, some with the intention of actually hanging him, the former vice president wrote a fiery op-ed. No, it wasn’t about stopping the voter fraud lies that nearly got him hanged. It was about amplifying them all over again.

The piece was called “Election Integrity is a National Imperative,” and it was published in the conservative online rag The Daily Signal. The right is angry about HR 1, a Democratic-led bill that seeks to overhaul the nation’s election process. And so Pence decided to combat by parroting misinformation about “significant voting irregularities,” despite no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

And about the events that endangered not only his life, but his family’s life, as well as everyone working in the Capitol building, from congress people to aides to security — and which led to five deaths — he merely said they were “tragic.”

Many found it bizarre not only to minimize a day that could have led to many more deaths and the toppling of democracy. It also seemed surreal that someone would repeat mistruths that almost got him murdered.

Luckily there’s Daniel Dale, CNN’s intrepid, tireless, and — after four years of Trump — exhausted fact checker, who pointed out the lies and distortions Pence wrote, about the 2020 election and about the Democrats’ attempt to clean up the election process.

In any case, seems like a weird stance to take, even for someone like Donald Trump’s former veep.

(Via CNN)