Mike Pence Finally Uttered Not-So-Nice Words About Trump After His Third Indictment, And People Have Some Thoughts

Mike Pence is still running for president. Maybe? Yes, he is, and there’s no telling who will actually vote for him. The left, even if Biden wasn’t in the picture, would never cross party lines for a staunchly religiously conservative views that suggest he wants to dismantle abortion rights even more than the Trump-laden Supreme Court recently did.

Additionally, a huge chunk of the GOP isn’t crazy about Pence. Since he refused to help Donald Trump overturn democracy, he’s been booed during an NRA convention, which is not even one bit as bad as the January 6 rioters wanting to hang him. He doesn’t even have The Fly on his side anymore, and yes, this conversation is going off the rails fast.

Pence, who recently did his best Sons Of Anarchy impression, spoke at a campaign event after Trump’s third indictment to declare, “[A]nyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the United States.”

Granted, he didn’t utter these words with any fire, but I’m not sure there’s any smoke to be found within Pence’s being. He is akin to a soggy blanket tasked with smothering a fire, although he did promise to say more once he fully reviewed the indictment documents.

However, Pence seemed to place a lot of blame on Trump being “surrounded by a group of crackpot lawyers,” so perhaps he thought better of actually growing a half-backbone. What will Mother say about this? What matters more is that people are asking why this tiny pushback took so long.