A Massive Fly Camped Out On Mike Pence’s (Very White) Head During The VP Debate, And It’s Already Iconic

The 2020 Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris wasn’t quite as full of crosstalk as last week’s Trump-Biden non-meeting of the minds, but there were plenty of interruptions. And things got gross, starting with Pence’s grody eye and continuing with an unwanted visitor: an enormous fly. It didn’t help matters that Pence’s stark white hair (and obvious love of hairspray) made the perfect environment for this sucker to stand out for a global audience. And it felt like forever.

Here’s a close-up because this fly demanded to be seen in all its glory.

For two minutes, this fly simply hung out. It wouldn’t move. It appeared to be stuck. Was it enjoying itself? No one knows. People went absolutely nuts.

Stephen King noted it as a harbinger. Padma Lakshmi was aghast at how long the fly stayed put (and that was only after one minute). And MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough swiftly tweeted, “The fly is the October Surprise. ~ @JonLemire.”

The Atlantic writer Clint Smith declared the fly to be “the hero we all needed.” For 2020, that works.

The fly soon acquired its own Twitter account (because of course), which declared that Mike Pence is the real “Lord of the Flies.”

Everyone went bonkers and would not stop. Merriam Webster chimed in, David Cronenberg got shoutouts (as did Jeff Goldblum), and comedian Subhah Agarwal called the fly “Pence’s only black friend.”

You know that Pence had a very bad backstage moment after this debate. Yikes.