MOAR Patton Oswalt 5 Second Films Please

Last Wednesday my day was suddenly and unexpectedly made when “Crabwalkin'”, the day’s 5 Second Film from 5 Second Films, starred national treasure Patton Oswalt. I assumed Patton is buddies with 5 Second Films founder Brian Firenzi or banged Firenzi’s sister or Firenzi helped him move and “Crabwalkin'” was a one time deal. But then this morning a glorious new tweet from P-Oz himself announced his second 5 Second Film in two weeks is up and demanding our views. I don’t love “You’ve Got Mail” quite as much as I love “Crabwalkin'”, but it’s also like picking my favorite Ke$ha single. Don’t make me choose!

From the limited (and lazy) amount of research I’ve done I can’t find any old 5 Second Films Oswalt starred in, and I can’t identify his connection to the group, but all that really matters is that a new installment comes out every Wednesday going forward for the rest of my life. Is that too much to ask?

Here’s “You’ve Got Mail” and after the jump I’ve included “Crabwalkin'” and our pre-Maske UPROXX era collaboration with the 5 Second Film guys (you should really check out the entire post for Ufford’s five word write-ups).

Sources: 5 Second Films and UPROXX