An Unexpected Fish Balloon Scares The Living Daylights Out Of A Horrified Mom

Sometimes in life you have to enjoy the small moments. Y’know, moments where an unsuspecting mom has the serenity of her world shattered by a surprise fish balloon.

America’s Funniest Groin Gaffes Videos has gotten ahold of a video that lives up to the program’s reputation for carefully curating videos involving pain, humiliation and the occasional novelty floating novelty attack. The very brief (but very funny) clip located above does what it says on the tin. There’s a giant fish, there’s a mom, there’s an “attack” and a reaction like someone threw a goblin in this unsuspecting person’s face. Bonus points should be awarded for the excellent use of suspense as the fish invades the shot before finding its prey.

It’s all good and fun psychological torture, but we can’t help but wonder if the clown fish factor will ruin this poor woman’s ability to watch Finding Dory this summer. Will she even be able to hear Albert Brooks’ voice as Marlin or is that character just going to have a Jigsaw voice from now on in her brain? Keep this in mind the next time you see someone huddled up into a terrified quivering ball at PetSmart.

(via Mashable)