This ‘Monkey On The Lam’ Is Wanted For The Theft Of 10,000 Rupees

As the gritty documentaries Monkey Trouble, Dunston Checks In and Aladdin have all taught us, monkeys and orangutans are cunning thieves with sticky paws for property which isn’t theirs. It’s only safe to assume that George Clooney spent months working with monkeys so that his performance in Ocean’s Eleven could be as authentic as possible. The latest example of monkeys as master thieves (or at least effective thieves) comes from Guntur, India complete with video evidence.

In a slice of CCTV captured last month, a monkey was documented pulling off a quality scheme to get inside a jewelry shop and make off with some dough. An employee of the shop initially saw the monkey outside and fell victim to some guava-based misdirection. The monkey wasn’t in the mood for fruit (maybe rum would be a better call), but instead made its way inside to test out the office furniture and nab 10,000 rupees (that’s roughly $150 USD) for future spending.

Here’s the shop owner explaining how he got ripped off by a monkey:

“The monkey threw a guava inside the shop and then entered the jewelry store and fled away with the cash. We threw the fruit back but it entered the shop anyway. It first attacked the worker but he escaped. It sat for almost 20 minutes in the store and then it opened the drawer in the cash counter and took away ₹10,000 cash,” said the shop owner.

The ol’ guava distraction plot. Oldest trick in the book. The upside is that the shop’s staff didn’t get dropkicked into next week. Silver linings, right?

(via Mashable & Huffington Post)