The Honest Trailer For ‘Aladdin’ Pokes At All The Offensive Bits Disney Couldn’t Get Away With Today

Aladdin is definitely a classic of Disney’s modern animation attempts, spawning a few sequels, a very good home console video game and several songs that live on as part of Disney’s mid-90s renaissance. And now, thanks to Honest Trailers, we can look back 20 years and realize that pretty much everything Disney did in the film was likely offensive. And if it wasn’t offensive, it was definitely something that wouldn’t happen today.

And you might think I’m addressing the setting and ethnic background of the characters involved, which I am to an extent. But it’s everything else that really sets the movie into “offensive” territory, like the fact that Jasmine is underage or the idea that the most romantic moment in the film comes when Aladdin kidnaps Jasmine on his magic flying carpet.

It’s also a little hard to look back and not think about the loss of Robin Williams. Hopefully they don’t go forward with whatever reboot they were planning involving the genie from this film (aka Genie). Also a little hard to look at Jafar and not question why he’s even around. Much like Scar, it’s painfully clear that Jafar is evil. It’s like having Rasputin around during the end of the Russian Revolution. You look at the guy and you know he’s up to no good (and that he won’t be killed easily).

(Via Screen Junkies)