Has MoonPie Quietly Become The Funniest Brand To Follow On Twitter?

In the current landscape of social media marketing, brands are resorting to savvy means of keeping their audiences captivated. Wendy’s might be the best example of this, which regularly throws down with rival fast food chains on Twitter and went mega viral earlier this year by encouraging a teen to amass 18 million retweets in his quest for a year of free chicken nuggets. (They later gave in as the tweet became the most retweeted ever — a small price to pay for the publicity they got out of it.)

However there may be a new contender for funniest brand on social media. The Twitter account for MoonPie has been quietly gaining traction in recent months, now boasting a modest 42K followers for the classic yet sometimes overlooked treat. Their tweets first started to attract eyeballs earlier this year thanks to their simple yet savage response to Hostess Snacks’ claim that Golden CupCakes were the “official snack cake of the eclipse” back in August.

Prior to that though, MoonPie has been maintaining an absurdist, almost Jack Handey-esque presence on Twitter for quite some time. Take this tweet commemorating World Lion Day from earlier in August:

Or this tweet, for Father’s Day in June:

In the months since, MoonPie’s tweets have gotten even better though — honestly, a shining internet beacon in the dumpster fire that is the year 2017. And it seems as if they’re fully well aware of it.

They also goofed on McDonald’s now infamous Black Friday mishap:

Other times, the account is just making random and hilarious observations about — what else — MoonPies:

Never change, MoonPie. (Like Velveeta did, which used to have a likewise amazing social media presence but is hella boring now.)