‘Morning Joe’ Compares Nixon’s Watergate Denial To Trump’s After The FBI Raid Of Michael Cohen

It seems as if the Trump administration — or what remains of it, anyway — is just spinning plates at this point before Special Counsel Robert Muller’s Russia investigation, the Stormy Daniels saga, and whatever the heck tea James Comey is about to spill all comes to a head. Since news broke on Monday afternoon that the FBI had raided the office of his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen, President Trump seems to be unraveling at warp speed, which is really saying something.

Trump’s immediate reaction to the FBI raid (or “break in” as he put it) was to call it a “disgrace” and “attack on our country.” As it turns out, the president’s remarks weren’t all that far off from what our last disgraced POTUS, Richard Nixon, had to say about the Watergate scandal in his 1974 State of the Union address. Morning Joe helpfully spliced together the footage in the above segment on Wednesday morning’s show for those of us who aren’t history buffs, and the similarities are indeed shocking, to say the least.

Referring to “an issue that has been of great concern to all Americans over the past year,” Nixon addressed the “so-called Watergate affair.”

I have provided to the Special Prosecutor voluntarily, a great deal of material. The time has come to bring that investigation, and other investigations of this matter, to an end. I was elected to do a job, and do it as well as I possibly can, and I have no intention whatever of ever walking away from the job that the people elected me to do.

After the clip, Mika Brzezinski noted that likewise, Trump has stated that he has no intention of resigning, however he is “openly considering the firing of an independent investigator in what could be the most consequential political decision since five men broke into DNC headquarters more than four decades ago.”

Just imagine if Nixon had Twitter.