Monocle Mayhem Ensued Online When Planters Put The Clamp On A Beloved Legume

The dandiest legume known to mankind has apparently perished just in time for its parent company to cash in on The Big Game. Mr. Peanut, the mascot of bulk legume reseller Planters for more than a century, has apparently Charleston’d off this mortal coil, sparking an online reaction ripe for a Super Bowl ad.

On Wednesday, the official Mr. Peanut Twitter account changed its name to ‘The Estate of Mr. Peanut’ and tweeted out the bad news: the mascot that looks like it’s investigating a crime in the land of Veggie Tales had cracked the nut that is mortality.

This death is especially sudden, as the fancy plant part had shown no signs of aging or illness, likely because it’s a giant foam peanut wearing a monocle. At the time of the tweet it was entirely unclear what a “selfless act” is and why it killed the nut salesman. We now know exactly what it meant: Mr. Peanut was given the clamps for a Super Bowl ad, which also happened to come out on the day it died.

So Mr. Peanut died so that Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes could live? Maybe. It takes a lot of core strength to pull your entire body weight up off a splintering tree branch and to safety here, so if we have to believe Mr. Peanut is a thing that can die I want to see realism in the rescue here to justify his sacrifice.

In any event, the tweet’s initial weirdness did get some good reactions online.

Considering how every single brand known to man got in on the act, this is very clearly a marketing scheme of some sort that will rectify itself with Mr. Peanut’s resurrection on Super Bowl Sunday.

There’s some (perhaps PR-guided) speculation that the dapper legume’s funeral will be the spot that airs during the Super Bowl, but here’s hoping the Planters Cinematic Universe believes in reincarnation and Mr. Peanut is brought back as someone with a peanut allergy. Perhaps it would make up for his many crimes.

Now there’s a movie I’d watch.