People On Twitter Are Imagining Movie Remakes Starring Muppets

It’s been a bit since the Muppets had a hit movie or TV show. (Though the movies, at least, are now easily accessible on Disney+. Hop to it.) But Jim Henson’s beloved puppets are always relevant. So when someone on Twitter decided to launch one of those quote-tweet memes, this one about Muppets, it took off like wildfire.

The rules were simple: “Pick a movie. Keep one actor. The rest are played by muppets.” And with that, people were off to the races. Some actually made sense, choosing movies about solitary characters surrounded by people who are after them.

Speaking of The Matrix, someone else had another angle on that story.

But back to Keanu:

In a way, aren’t the Lord of the Rings movies, with Ian McKellen as one of the only normal-sized humans/wizards, pretty easily Muppet-ized?

Speed would greatly benefit from not only Muppets but their moving vehicles.

Surely Jurassic Park could stand to have less CGI, more puppets, and not just for the dinos.

Some thought specific scenes would work well with Muppets in them.

Perhaps Tom Cruise should make some Muppet movies.

Some went with movies that have recently proved to be primo meme fodder.

Some were ambitious, not only providing words but pictures and moving images.

One actually got the approval of one of the actors in the movie in question.

Of course, someone pointed out that the original The Muppet Show itself was way ahead of 2019’s social media yuksters.