MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Reportedly Tried To Evade His Twitter Ban By Using The Company Account, Only To Get It Suspended Too

Few are as ride-or-die for Donald Trump as Mike Lindell, better known as the “MyPillow guy” — the founder, CEO, and perhaps too public face of the line of pricey pillows. Lindell has continued to stand by the former president even has many in the Republican party have tred to move on, and he’ll even go so far as to burn his company to the ground to do it. Not only have his antics gotten MyPillows dropped by certain retailers, it also got him banned on Twitter. He thought he found a clever workaround for that last one, but that one backfired spectacularly, too.

This comes from CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan (caught by The Daily Beast), who pointed out that the official MyPillow Twitter account had suddenly also been disappeared into the social media ether.

According to O’Sullivan, Twitter HQ said the company’s account was “suspended for violating its ban evasion policy.” Ergo, it stands to reason that “he tried to tweet through the company’s account.”

“Therein concludes my reporting on the social media suspension of an account about pillows,” O’Sullivan added.

It’s not clear if the suspension is permanent or what had been tweeted from the account, or whether what had been tweeted had been written by Lindell himself. But given his eccentric nature — or even the recent Mad Libs-y news that he had, falsely, been romantically linked with 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski — it’s certainly possible. Anyway, hope all this has been worth it!

(Via The Daily Beast)