MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Has Escalated His Beef With Dominion Voting Systems By Countersuing Them For $1.6 Billion

Remember when some people used to spread baseless voter fraud lies on the regular? It’s been a while since we’ve heard much of that, in part because most of those making those claims were either threatened with lawsuits or are in the midst of being sued. About the only one still going strong is Mike Lindell, aka the MyPillow Guy, who has bet his company and fortune on byzantine 2020 election conspiracy theories, which have even gotten him sued by one of the voter machine companies he’s accused of malfeasance. But now he’s escalating this beef even further.

According to Bloomberg, Lindell is countersuing Dominion Voting Systems Inc., which has been among the parties involved in his nonsensical voter fraud claims. Previously, after months of telling him to shut up or lose everything, the company finally sued him for $1.3 billion. But Lindell is going a few notches further, suing them for $1.6 billion.

“Dominion’s purpose is to silence debate; to eliminate any challenge to the 2020 presidential election; and to cancel and destroy anyone who speaks out against Dominion’s work on behalf of the government in administering the election,” read the legal complaint, doubling (tripling? quadrupling?) down on unfounded accusations that they flipped votes intended for Trump, handing them to current president Joe Biden.

But Dominion isn’t blinking. “This is a meritless retaliatory lawsuit, filed by MyPillow to try to distract from the harm it caused to Dominion,” a company lawyer said in a statement.

Lindell isn’t the only Trump loyalist who’s been sued over election fraud lies. Lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sandy Powell have been served papers as well, as have commentators on Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN. But none of them have tried to engage them in a game of Chicken.

How does Lindell find time to do all this? Last week he oversaw a disastrous debut of his new “free speech” social media site, while a 48-hour telethon saw him getting owned again and again by prank callers, one pretending to be former president Trump.

(Via Bloomberg)