MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Claims He’s ‘Probably’ Responsible For Trump’s Far-Fetched Idea Of Taking Back The Presidency In August

It’s been a wild week for president-turned-failed blogger Donald J. Trump. He doesn’t have much to do, bumbling around a resort, regaling strangers with fanciful tales about a stolen election. One thing he’s allegedly been telling them, we learned, is that he’s going to be reinstalled in the White House in August. How? Surely not even he knows. But it’s not surprising to learn which person may have given him this ridiculous idea.

As per The Daily Beast, Mike Lindell, aka My Pillow Guy, is, he claims, possibly the person who inspired Trump to adopt this fairy tale story as gospel. “If Trump is saying August, that is probably because he heard me say it publicly,” the businessman — whose vast bedwear fortune may be taken from him by Dominions Voting Systems — told the Beast.

This may be one of the only provable things Lindell has said in the last six months. As the Beast points out, he did appear late last month on Steve Bannon’s podcast War Room, where he uttered the magic words, “Donald Trump, I believe, will be back in by the end of August.” He also said eventually even liberals, such as Rachel Maddow, would admit the election was stolen.

Of course, it’s not clear who came up with the August line first — if Trump maybe heard Lindell say it then parroted it to others. The Beast did do some snooping into Trump’s August claims, which were first made public by The New York Times, and found some more intel:

In the past few weeks, two people close to Trump told The Daily Beast, the ex-president had begun increasingly quizzing confidants about a potential August return to power. What’s more, he claimed that a lot of “highly respected” people—who Trump did not name—have been saying it’s possible. Both of these sources said they decided not to tell the former president what they were thinking, which was that it’s not going to happen.

On one hand, this all seems cartoonishly unlikely. On the other — and not to sound paranoid — stranger things sure have happened.

(Via The Daily Beast)