Sonia Sotomayor Has To Work Remotely Because Neil Gorsuch Is The Only Supreme Court Justice Who Won’t Wear A Mask

After months of largely carefree living, the Omicron variant has a lot of people worried again. But not everyone. Prominent Republicans are still playing devil may care. Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t seem to mind that half of her salary (and counting) is going down the drain because she keeps accruing mask fines. Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has no problem forcing an immunocompromised colleague into hiding because he won’t put a simple some protective covering over his mouth.

As per NPR, fellow justice Sonia Sotomayor has had to do work remotely, all because one colleague won’t mask up. Sources say that soon as cases starting spiking again amidst the Omicron mutation, Sotomayor — who has diabetes, and is thus at high risk for illness — made it known that she didn’t feel safe around the maskless. Chief Justice John Roberts was sympathetic and asked his colleagues to start wearing face covering. They all did — except Gorsuch, who happens to sit next to Sotomayor on the bench.

Gorsuch’s reasoning isn’t known, but whatever the case, Sotomayor is now the only one not present during weekly meetings. Instead, she participates through a microphone set up in her chambers.

When news of Gorsuch refusing to help an immunocompromised colleague were made public, people were not happy.

Others felt the wrong person was being forced to isolate.

Gorsuch is, of course, one of the three appointed justices appointed by Trump during his lone term in office, including Amy Coney Barrett, who was rushed onto the bench in the final weeks of his presidency. Refusing to protect himself or others from a highly transmissible virus is not the only dicey opinion he holds.

(Via NPR)