Netflix’s John Stamos April Fool’s Prank Goes Full Circle With A Faux Meltdown Video

Ah April Fool’s, the day where people and brands do their best to make fools out of all of us, or at least just get a solid chuckle. Netflix accomplished just that with their slickly-produced trailer for a John Stamos docudrama that turned out to be just a joke. Internet denizens are torn on whether the proposed Stamos documentary looked amazing or awful, but it sure got people talking about the Fuller House star. That’s about all you can ask for when it comes to April Fool’s pranks.

But they weren’t done yet. In fact, this prank spanned the entire day.

What followed was a “leaked” viral video of John Stamos storming the Netflix offices and having a meltdown, demanding answers as to why they were making a joke out of him. They even filmed it vertically to add that extra authenticity to this being just some randomly-shot video because most of our favorite videos are shot in this maddeningly-awful way.

But the gag still wasn’t done yet. Bless you, Netflix, for this level of follow-through and thoroughness for such a goofy prank, because they then released an apology video later on. That video was released in the evening and was even featured on the Netflix Instant home page, really pushing said prank.

The question for Netflix now is how are they going to follow up on this next year? This was a pretty elaborate prank that spanned the entirety of April Fool’s Day. They’ve set the bar rather high for themselves, haven’t they?

(Via TastefullyOffensive)