Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Has Had It With People ‘Busting My CRACKERS’ Over His ‘Bugle Boy’ Photo-Op With Trump

No one really knows what kind of magic that Donald Trump is working down at the Mar-a-Lago, but a certain GOP contingent can’t let him go. In fact, they (even Ted Cruz, despite Trump trashing his wife during the 2016 election) are going absolutely wild over any opportunity to meet up with the ex-president (the guy who arguably cost his party the Senate and House majorities) for a photo op. The party isn’t limited to right-wing congresspeople, either. Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly proudly showed off his fresh souvenir photo with Trump, and oh boy, it is something.

Kelly’s the same fellow who recently got roasted for claiming that he got so high on “grass” that he blacked out and woke up in Kenya, so take this as you will. His caption is amazing: “Chillin’ with 45! (And yes. Those are BUGLE BOY jeans I’m wearing)”

Was Kelly really taking it back to the 1980s with Bugle Boy jeans?

The subject became a hotly debated one. Were they Balmain pants (those would be some hellaciously expensive pants, somewhere between $1200 and $1400, even), or another brand entirely?

Well, Kelly went on the defense and claimed that he was only joking about the “Bugle Boy” thing, and he’s officially going with “BALMAIN” as the designer ID on the pants. Whether or not that’s true, who knows? Whatever the case, Kelly is tired of “[e]veryone busting my CRACKERS over the ‘pants.” He’d also like everyone to know that “my shoes are by Ferragamo. Basically, I’m a Sharp Dressed Man. Thank you !”

Kelly’s insistence that his pants are the “most prestigious brand in PANTS” pushed everyone over the edge. Happy Friday, well, for everyone other than Balmain. They’re probably scratching heads over the styling.

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