Obama Brought His ‘Cool Uncle’ Vibes To ‘The Daily Show’ As Trevor Noah Heads Into His Final Episodes

As Trevor Noah prepares to wrap up his seven year run as the host of The Daily Show, he scored an interview what would be a huge get for any major network: Barack Obama. The former president’s appearance reportedly caused a massive line outside the studio as people battled the unseasonably cold weather to score seats for the free taping. With the crowd already pumped for Obama, Noah did a little pre-tape warm-up where he tried to explain what it’s like interviewing the politician who’s notably more chill than his “stiff” contemporaries.

“The funny thing is, President Obama, he’s loose and funny and he’s got swag and everything,” Noah told the crowd. “And then when he’ll talk to you he’ll make jokes and everything, and you’ll be all stiff.”

After doing a solid impression of Obama, Noah explained how it’s easy to get a little too comfortable while interviewing him. Via Vanity Fair:

“But if you’re not careful, you’ll get carried away and be like, ‘You’re damn straight I’m doing well,’” he said, in perhaps too casual a tone. Noah then compared their relationship to one of a nephew and a “cool uncle” who talks trash with his nephews, but the trash talk only goes one way. “You’ll be like, ‘Look at your haircut,’ and they’ll say, ‘Don’t speak to your elders like that. Don’t forget.’”

When Obama finally arrived on set, the audience got to see the uncle/nephew dynamic play out in real-time as Obama burnt Noah almost right out of the gate.

“Do you miss your name, by the way?” Noah asked the former president at the top of the show. “Because everyone calls you Mr. President. If people called me Mr. Daily, I would miss Trevor.”

“My best friends call me Barack,” Obama replied before adding with perfect comedic timing. “You should call me Mr. President.”

(Via Vanity Fair)