Olivia Munn Revealed The Atypical Request That She Made To Doctors During Her Breast Cancer Treatment

Only a month ago, Olivia Munn revealed that she had been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer that mammograms have been known to miss. An MRI detected the troubling issue, and Munn quickly underwent a series of four surgeries, including a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. The latter, as you might suspect, presents decisions that must be made, and when getting down to the nitty gritty on the process, Munn told People that she seized the opportunity to… downsize.

Here’s how Munn insisted that her reconstruction surgeon “go smaller” and made sure that her preference was heard:

When it came time for reconstruction, “I know a lot of women want to go bigger, but [I said] go smaller,” says Munn, recalling her frank discussion with her doctors. “It’s so important to say what you want out loud—and don’t stop. Even as the anesthesia was making its way into my body, the last thing I said was ‘please go smaller.'”

And honestly, good for her. This decision might also mean a happier back in the long run. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

The full article is well worth reading and includes Munn’s account of how John Mulaney pulled out the stops to take over baby-bedtime duties while she focused on treatment. She has also gone into “medically induced menopause” to reduce the risk of recurrence, and that means that “my hair is thinning, and I’m tired a lot.” Still, Munn counts herself lucky to have come through her ordeal, and she’s optimistic about the future.

(Via People)