Oprah Tells Jimmy Kimmel Why She Ain’t Got Time For Tweeting Back At Trump

Oprah Winfrey stopped by to chat with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night, and — while she’s currently promoting A Wrinkle in Time — it’s hard to have a conversation with the media queen these days without addressing the elephant in the room: her rumored presidential run. Of course, a rumor is all it was, as Oprah made it once again clear that she is not interested.

“I am definitely not running for president,” she said looking into the camera, to the audible disappointment of the audience. “It’s a humbling thing to have people think you can run the country,” she told Kimmel, however.

When Kimmel later noted that Steadman made it “into a much bigger thing” after having been interviewed on the subject, Oprah hilariously burned her her longtime partner. “I said, ‘why are you even talking, Steadman,'” she joked, noting that he was now terrified of attending any future Golden Globes ceremonies.

Another unavoidable topic was President Trump’s recent tweet, taunting “very insecure” Oprah to run for president so “she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others.”

“Have you ever been ‘insecure’ like anytime in the last 35 years?” Kimmel quipped. “I’m trying to think about, have I ever … I’m trying to think when that would be,” Winfrey pondered. After she relived hearing the news of the tweet, Kimmel asked if she ever thought about responding to him.

“Not a second. Not a second,” she replied, reiterating what she previously told Ellen. “You don’t win by meeting any kind of negativity head-on.” One could argue that with that very statement alone, Oprah is more qualified to be president than Trump, but again — she’s just not interested.