Oreo Took A Stand Following QAnon-Loving Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene And Sen. Rand Paul’s Anti-Trans Statements

Capitol Hill has been ground central for developments regarding LGBTQ rights over the past few days. Late Thursday afternoon, the House voted to pass the Equality Act, which still faces a battle in the Senate, and given that only three house Republicans voted for the bill, yep, there’s still plenty of struggle left in that fight. Also on the same subject, a few members of Congress have been extremely vocal about their anti-trans views. On Wednesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor posted an offending statement outside her office to troll a colleague, Rep. Marie Newman, who has a trans child.

Greene’s perspective is that the Equality Act will “destroy women’s rights and religious freedoms,” and people were disgusted by such behavior by an elected official. Well, on Thursday, Rand Paul compared transition surgery to “genital mutilation” on the Senate floor. He did so while while questioning Dr. Rachel Levine, a trans woman, during her confirmation hearing in a quest to become Joe Biden’s assistant health secretary. If successful, she’ll be the first openly transgender federal official to receive Senate confirmation, but Rand Paul doesn’t seem to be here for Levine.

Shortly after Paul’s transphobic rhetoric, that’s where Oreo comes in. There’s no telling to whom the social media account of the delicious cookie was speaking, but it seems rather clear: “Trans people exist.”

Simple. Effective. Truth. Congrats to the House for passing the Equality Act, and fingers crossed for less opposition in the Senate.