Pamela Anderson Visits ‘Very Sexy’ Julian Assange All The Time, Can’t Wait Until He’s No Longer ‘Imprisoned’

Despite the fact that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has tucked himself away for nearly five years within the Ecuadorian assembly in London, his social life may be more exciting than yours. He regularly enjoys visitors such as Michael Moore and John Cusack, and Pamela Anderson first stopped by in 2014 with Vivienne Westwood. Since then, Anderson has visited Assange numerous times. She also penned an open letter in March to vigorously defend “my Julian” while praising his “stamina” and asserting that the sexual assault charge against him has been “recklessly politicized.” In the above video clip, she calls him “very sexy” while fielding a question about whether they’re together-together.

While speaking with Scandinavian talk show host Fredrik Skavlan, Anderson won’t directly answer whether she’s “dating” Assange, who she seems to believe is “imprisoned” rather than insulating himself from extradition to Sweden (for the rape charge and possibly later to the U.S. because of all those Wikileaks cables). Yet she happily admits to spending more “social” time with him than any other dude, so you be the judge:

“Well he’s imprisoned — that would be a little difficult … Let’s see what happens when he’s free. But I spend probably more time with him than with any other man, socially, which is very odd … [My visits have] brought some attention to maybe people who didn’t realize a lot about him. So I guess in a way that has been a little bit helpful. But I don’t want to go into any private details.”

Although Anderson’s been a staple at the embassy since 2014, folks only really started to notice her visits last October, around the same time that Assange briefly lost internet access. At the time, daily dumps of John Podesta’s emails were all the political rage, and Ecuador admitted shutting down Assange’s internet connection because it looks really freaking bad when an embassy inhabitant is seeking to influence an election (on behalf of Russia). And there was Anderson, sidling up to the embassy with a parcel of veggie burgers and fruit. She admitted to reporters, “He said I tortured him with bringing him vegan food.”

Sounds really … romantic, right? Well, maybe. Assange later spoke with an Australian radio show to call Anderson “whip-smart” and “an impressive figure.” And if you’re looking for more dish, Page Six has a detail-filled rehash of these two crazy kids’ possible courtship.