Papa John Has A New Year’s Resolution To Eat A Truly Disturbing Amount Of Pizza In 2020

It’s been a rough 2019 for John Schnatter, the man better known as Papa John of the Papa John’s pizza chain. Schnatter’s fall from pizza oven grace happened in 2018 when he uttered a racial slur during a conference call for the pizza company he founded, but things continued to get bad in 2019.

As he tried to creep back into the public spotlight, his wife filed for divorce and in a disheveled interview he claimed to have eaten 40 pizzas in 30 days. But that’s apparently not enough for 2020. New year, new Papa John. And a whole lot more pizza.

Schnatter shared a post on Instagram on Tuesday, claiming his new year’s resolution is to eat even more pizza: to the tune of 50 pizzas in 30 days.

The pizza dad also shared a video where he had a load of pizzas behind him while some sort of pizza associates watched him deliver his lofty goal to the masses.

Obviously that’s a LOT of pizza, and probably a health hazard considering how much pizza that requires to eat in 30 days. And those on social media that already freaked out about the 40 pizzas he ate had more jokes for this news.

Papa John also had an uh very terrifying update about people making garlic butter jokes.

There’s also the “day of reckoning” comment Schnatter made that has uh, certainly made some other news interesting lately.

In any event, we wish Papa John well in his quest to consume a lot of dough and sauce. Please don’t hurt anyone in the process.