Paul Gosar Ghoulishly Shared A ‘Thug Life’ Meme After He Was Censured For Sharing A Video Where He Murders AOC

The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to censure congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and strip him of committee assignments after the conservative congressman posted an anime video (with photoshopped details) to his social media accounts showing him killing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and attacking President Joe Biden. Very normal stuff here. Via USA Today:

This is the most serious action the House can take to punish a lawmaker short of expulsion from Congress. Gosar will be stripped of his committee assignments but will remain a House member. The last time the House voted to censure one of its members was in 2010, against former Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., over ethics violations. It was the 24th time the House had censured a lawmaker in its history.

Shortly after he was censured, Gosar shared a “thug life” meme on right wing-friendly social media platform GETTR. It shows him in sunglasses and wearing a gold chain, smoking a joint, with a caption that reads, “GOSAR LIFE.” He also retweeted the violent anime-style video that got him in trouble, even as his own family has discredited him.

“I believe he’s dangerous, unhinged, and is reckless,” his brother, Tim, told MSNBC. “And is somebody that, as I’ve said before, needs to not only be censured but he needs to be expelled.” His sister, Jennifer, added, “To be honest with you, it is about time.”

Gosar has refused to apologize to Ocasio-Cortez for the video. He called the censure “kabuki theater” and a “hysterical mob,” and brought up the Charlie Hebdo tragedy. “I remind everyone that pretending to be upset over a cartoon is what happened to the Charlie Hebdo magazine in France,” he said. “All right-thinking people condemned that then, and they should condemn the Democrats now for their violation of free speech.”

Here’s how AOC responded:

(Via USA Today and the Daily Beast)