Rep. Paul Gosar Has No Idea Why All Of His Siblings Think He’s A Repugnant Monster

Congressman Paul Gosar (R- AZ) was censured earlier this week for his disturbing decision to share an anime video featuring him brutally murdering both President Joe Biden and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D- NY). While his most batsh*t colleagues have come to his defense—including Andy Biggs, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Lauren Boebert—Gosar’s own family has been on Team AOC.

Earlier this month, Jennifer Gosar—the youngest of Paul’s nine siblings—spoke with MSNBC and called her brother a “sociopath.” As Mediaite reports, Gosar was interviewed by Andrew Wilkow on Thursday for his The Wilkow Majority show on SiriusXM, and says he has no idea why the majority of his siblings hate his guts. Clearly it’s a triggering topic for the beleaguered congressman, as he was the one who sort of brought it up.

When Wilkow asked about the AOC video and whether he would consider taking it down, Gosar said that he “absolutely” would. “I’m not here for that,” Gosar continued. “I don’t espouse violence, I don’t espouse harming anybody, whether it be a member of Congress, whether it be a President of the United States, whether it be my own brothers and sisters.”

While sharing a video of yourself brutally killing two of your colleagues might read as espousing violence to some people, it was the last part of Gosar’s comment—where he mentioned his “own brothers and sisters”—that really got the old man going:

“I’ve got seven siblings that are horrific to me. I mean, they’ve done everything. They’ve called me every name in the book, and yet I have done nothing, nothing to them at all. I have done nothing irrational. I’ve done nothing physically. I’ve never harmed them. I’ve never done anything. So that should tell you the caliber of the person you’re talking to.”

It’s not the first time one or many of Gosar’s siblings have spoken out against him publicly. In 2018, two of his sisters—both health care workers—spoke up against their brother while six of his siblings endorsed his opponent; they did the same again in 2018 and 2020. And just yesterday, Tim Gosar told CBS News that his brother, a noted conspiracy theorist who reportedly has ties to hate groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, should be expelled from Congress.

Thanksgiving dinner should be fun with the Gosar family.

(Via Mediaite)