Paul Rudd Did Not Hesitate To Confirm Seth Rogen’s Marvelous Story About A Massage Switcheroo

Seth Rogen recently recounted a great story that validated the universe’s universal adoration of Paul Rudd. Somehow, Rogen packed all the detail that was necessary (no more, no less) into a solitary tweet. “Once I was in the spa in a hotel in Vegas getting a massage,” Rogen related. “When I finished I turned over and to my shock Paul Rudd was massaging me. He saw me go in and convinced the masseuse to let him take over, thinking I’d notice immediately. I didn’t, and Paul did the entire rest of it.”

Gotta love the economy there. Rogen provided enough detail to allow everyone to visualize his astonished reaction to seeing Rudd and leave us impressed on how Rudd committed to the prank. Depending on the massage, as well (deep tissue, Swedish, shiatsu?), this could have been a strenuous endeavor, but at the very least, Rudd managed to stifle 45-60 minutes of giggles. That’s hardcore stuff, yet someone wondered whether Rogen had perhaps smoked a little too much weed that day, and Rogen remained unrattled. “I’m sure Paul would confirm it,” Rogen responded to a Twitter semi-skeptic.

Well, Paul Rudd has confirmed those goods. In a very concise statement to Mediaite, Rudd didn’t leave his friend hanging. “Haha! It’s 100% true,” Rudd replied.

Rogen reacted to the confirmation, too, and order has how been restored to the universe. “I maintain the utmost integrity with my stories,” Rogen tweeted.

And now we’re left to wonder exactly where Rudd got those massage skills…

(Via Mediaite)