Ageless King Paul Rudd Went Out In The Rain To Give Cookies To Soaked Voters

Paul Rudd is doing his best to make life in 2020 not nearly as bad as it could be. The actor helped out New York State, for example, with an extremely chill coronavirus mask PSA that looked more like a Tim and Eric sketch than a very serious and dire message from a government campaign.

The latest example of Rudd helping out others, though, comes with the backdrop of the presidential election. On Thursday, Rudd was caught by early voters handing out some very good cookies to those waiting in some not so great weather in the northeast in a video and some photos that quickly went viral.

Rudd was apparently one of the millions of Americans who have voted early in the election, as sites across the country have been set up in order to avoid clogging polling places as record turnout appears inevitable for the 2020 presidential election. Many large venues usually holding sporting events at this time of year have been turned into early voting places, like Boston’s Fenway Park and Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. And it was at the latter that Rudd, sporting an “I Voted” sticker himself, handed out cookies to those waiting in the rain outside to vote.

It’s a lovely gesture from a man who can certainly afford to share some cookies with those exercising their civic duty who do not get residuals from I Love You, Man. And it also is another example of just how extraordinary this election is. You often hear stories about voters in swing states getting pizzas ordered for them so they’ll stay in line amid long lines and polls closing. But you rarely hear stories about celebrities handing out cookies to voters days before those pizzas ever even get ordered.