Pauly Shore Wrote A Moving Tribute To His Late Father, Sammy Shore, On Twitter

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On Saturday, it was revealed Sammy Shore, comedian and co-founder of the legendary Los Angeles venue The Comedy Store, died at the age of 92. The news was broken by his son, the comedian and actor Pauly Shore, who was most recently in the news for his dynamite impression of White House advisor Stephen Miller. He took to Twitter to lay out a lengthy and moving tribute to his late, influential father.

“I’m saddened to let everyone know my father Sammy Shore recently passed at the age of 92 from natural causes,” Shore wrote. “Dad, you lived an amazing life and I’m so proud to say that you are my father. When you’re in heaven I’ll be killing the crowds night after night and carrying on your legacy.”

Over a dozen tweets, Shore went into how his father had sacrificed his career to raise him, giving up gigs to go to little league games. He also spoke of how, when he wanted to follow in his father’s shoes, Sammy supported him, even going on the road with him.

“Once I hit it big in the 1990s I took my dad on tour with me all over America doing shows. We toured together for more than 20 years. It was labeled ‘A Family Affair Tour.’ Most of the audience would be like, ‘Pauly Shore’s dad’s opening for him?’” Shore wrote. “They thought it was some sort of a joke, when they soon realized the joke was on them. My dad killed the crowds night after night. He didn’t just set up the show by doing an amazing job on stage.

“Like father like son. Acorn did NOT fall far from the tree.”

Shore also spoke of his mother, Mitzi, who divorced Sammy in the mid-’70s, when Pauly was three. She took over the club from Sammy, due to their settlement. “[E]ven though my mom was the one that raised me, my dad still provided for me the best he could,” he wrote. Mitzi died last year at the age of 87 after battling Parkinson’s.

Sammy opened the Comedy Store in 1972 along with fellow comedian Rudy De Luca. Under Mitzi Shore’s guidance, it became a both larger and more famous comics venue, attracting the likes of Richard Pryor, David Letterman, Garry Shandling, Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and Roseanne Barr.

The Comedy Store’s official Facebook page eulogized Sammy, writing, “Words can’t express how much his comedic gift, friendship, and beneficence will be missed. The bright light he shone and the laughter he brought into the lives of everyone he touched will never dim.”

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