The World Is Shaking Its Head At Pepsi And Kendall Jenner’s Attempt To #Resist

Kendall Jenner, a beacon of woke-ness that only Zizek-thumpers can compete with, starred in a Pepsi ad that featured her abandoning a photo shoot to not only join a peace rally, but solve decades of tensions between the police and those hoping for basic human rights from their government by handing a Pepsi to a riot control officer.

People aren’t havin’ it!

In fact, you could say there’s a heavy resistance to the ad that has its heart split between an uplifting message of hope and pushing soda down the throats of those afflicted by backward, hateful government policies.

And so, many of the people who would likely be out marching for the rights of those marginalized by society with a reusable water bottle, have taken to Twitter in an effort to strike down this latest stage capitalism with a sound and fury.

The results are both depressing and hilarious:


Pepsi made this statement in regards to their ad: