Former Obama Photographer Pete Souza Is Not Subtle With His Latest Dig At Trump

Getty Image

Ever since Donald Trump took office, President Obama’s former White House photographer Pete Souza has been quietly — or not so quietly — using his Instagram account to express his disdain for the current administration. Typically, whenever Trump makes headlines for whatever the latest act of buffoonery is, Souza will contrast by tossing up a photo of Obama handling a similar situation with the grace and aplomb of someone possessing the qualifications of someone in a presidential position.

For instance, when the GOP failed to repeal Obamacare with its hastily thrown together Trumpcare, Souza reminded us that before the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, Obama met with “many members of Congress on both sides of the aisle over the course of many months.” Or when First Lady Melania Trump made headlines for swatting away her husband’s hand, Souza posted a photo of Barack and Michelle lovingly holding hands.

Those were fairly subtle, tongue-in-cheek digs at Trump. The one he posted on Monday afternoon was anything but.

Souza’s remark of course, is directed at Trump’s earlier assertion that he would have “run” unarmed into a school with an active shooter to come to the rescue of students.

Is he perhaps trying to insinuate that our great President Trump is not in tip-top physical shape? But didn’t his doctor just declare him to be very healthy and even mentally fit for office? He can’t possibly be insinuating that the guy who consumes fast food like it’s his job (a job he would actually be qualified for) wouldn’t be able to run a mile without physically collapsing.

Savage, Pete. Just incredibly savage.