Not Even Russia Likes Piers Morgan, As He’s One Of 39 Brits Banned From Entering The Nation

Piers Morgan has a lot of enemies. The British journalist seems to enjoy picking fights, be they with Meghan Markle or (former?) pal Donald Trump, whom earlier this year he accused of storming out of an interview. Now he has another hater: Vladimir Putin.

As per The Daily Beast, the Russian government issued a new list of figures banned from entering the nation, what now been at war with Ukraine for the last six months. This time they focused on the United Kingdom, putting sanctions on 39 Brits. The most prominent was former prime minister David Cameron. There were also many journalists and media figures, including BBC News head Jonathan Charles Munro as well as top editors at The Guardian, The Sun, and The Telegraph.

And there was Morgan, who’s done a number of pieces on Ukraine, even sitting down with president Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife Olena. (For the record, he’s also hosted a panel with Ann Coulter, who called on America to stop giving them support.) For what it’s worth, the ban didn’t seem to faze Morgan, who joked, “It wasn’t on my immediate vacation to-do list.”

Morgan and company join a long list of figures banned from entering Russia, including much of the Biden administration and even Hillary Clinton.

Morgan last made news when he did an interview with actor Mickey Rourke, who decided to use his time slamming Tom Cruise, whom he called “irrelevant, in my world.”

(Via The Daily Beast)