Piers Morgan Sold An Astoundingly Low Number Of Copies Of His Latest Book Even With His Millions Of Followers

The New York Times published an insightful article on Tuesday about whether a high follower count on social media leads to better book sales. In short, “The only reliable part about it is that it’s unreliable,” said Shannon DeVito, director of books at Barnes & Noble.

For instance, Billie Eilish is one of the most popular musicians on the planet — but her self-titled book has only “sold 64,000 hardcover copies since it came out in May, according to NPD BookScan, which tracks most printed books sold in the U.S.” That’s not terrible, but considering she got a $1 million advance (at least), it’s not great, either.

But at least she’s doing better than Piers Morgan.

The journalist and media personality Piers Morgan had a weaker showing. Despite his followers on Twitter (8 million) and Instagram (1.8 million), Wake Up: Why the World Has Gone Nuts has sold just 5,650 print copies since it was published a year ago, according to BookScan.

For someone with as many followers on Morgan, not to mention his unfortunate cultural ubiquity, that’s an embarrassingly low number of sales. I guess the public wasn’t ready to read the “powerful account of how the world finally started to wake up, and why it mustn’t go back to sleep again” from the most trolled man on Twitter. I can’t imagine why.

Speaking of getting trolled on Twitter…