Piers Morgan Apparently Can’t Stop Posting A Photo Of Himself Giving Trump A Rim Job

Getty Image

Piers Morgan has long been the focus of many jokes over the years, usually taking them on directly by addressing his critics on Twitter or television. This time around, he seems to be handling both ends — or just one judging from the imagery he’s sharing. It would seem that The Mash Report on BBC aired a segment with Rachel Parris that featured the following image illustrating Morgan’s recent interview with President Donald Trump:

As you can see, Morgan noticed and decided to air his grievances about the imagery being used on publicly funded television on Twitter. This involved sharing the picture, which would seem silly at first until you realized he shared it at least three more times.

As you can likely assume, Morgan continued from there and responded to every comment, reply, and joke made about the image onto his timeline. And there were plenty of them by the end of Friday:

And by the end of it all, the joke had come around and now apparently featured Morgan completely on board. He didn’t get owned, he meant to share the image so everybody can see it and know just how dastardly BBC2 was for airing the show.

The first real Piers Morgan meltdown/freakout of 2018 was worth it and possibly featured an image that will live on as a meme and unfortunate tattoos for the years to come. Here’s the full segment that started it all.