The Internet Is Having Fun Watching Texas Cops Try To Round Up Loose Pigs On The Highway

How has your Thursday morning been so far? Good? If you were anxiously awaiting the first reviews of the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film, or the first trailer for the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson-starring Jumanji: Welcoming to the Jungle, then “good” is probably an appropriate descriptor. If you were a member of the Texas Highway Patrol or any other state organization charged with cleaning up the aftermath of a semi truck crash on the I-45 highway just south of Dallas, however, the word “good” likely doesn’t apply. That’s because you just spent your morning trying to catch a bunch of loose pigs, which effectively shut down the road.

According to NBC 5 DFW, a section of highway near Wilmer, Texas was shut down at around 6:45 a.m. local time when the truck crashed and tipped onto its side. As a result, the pigs it was carrying spilled out into traffic and essentially took over the roadway until the relevant authorities arrived on the scene. No details about the crash itself, including what caused it or the driver’s condition, are known at this time. What is known, however, is that Twitter is rife with photos and videos of — and bad puns about — the loose pigs and the police’s many attempts to catch them.

It’s no llama chase, and probably won’t stir meat-eaters’ emotions like Okja will, but watching proto-bacon flee for their lives on a Texas highway is fun.

(Via NBC 5 DFW)