The Plantation Where Ryan Reynolds Got Married Has Responded After He Called The Venue A ‘Giant F*cking Mistake’

Ryan Reynolds recently discussed the fate of Deadpool and Aviation Gin’s rise (with a stint from the Peloton Lady) in a Fast Company provile that also drew attention for what he considers to be a huge mistake. No, I’m not talking about Green Lantern (Deadpool 2 already took care of that issue during a post-credits montage) but, rather, Reynolds and Blake Lively’s 2012 wedding ceremony at a former plantation in South Carolina.

The subject arose in conversation after Fast Company noted that Reynolds continues to employ his companies’ full-time employees “at full pay and benefits,” during the pandemic, but the recent Black Lives Matter protests caused him to reflect upon his wedding venue. The choice did not go unnoticed at the time, but Reynolds got called out, big time, when he tweeted support for 2018’s Black Panther release, and he was greeted with reminders of how he got married on lands where slaves suffered. Reynolds told Fast Company that he was “deeply and unreservedly sorry” and called the move “a giant f*cking mistake,” among other things, like how it’s “impossible to reconcile” that he hadn’t realized the gravity of the venue (“a place built upon devastating tragedy”) when he and Lively checked the place out on Pinterest.

Via Fox News, Boone Hall heard the ruckus and has responded:

“We treasure all our relationships with couples that have chosen to get married at Boone Hall, and, when needed, respond to them in private, honest, and personal discussions to address any concerns they may have. The discussions are heartfelt as we want to listen and put love and respect at the center of any issues that arise. We will always work to be a part of the solution for our couples, not a part of the problem.”

Perhaps also in response to Reynolds’ distancing, Boone Hall Instagrammed a photo with the caption, “Love Will Always Win.” For his part, Reynolds took to Instagram during the George Floyd protests with the following statement (stressing that he and Lively are committed to teaching their children about systemic racism, and they made a sizeable donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund).

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(Via Fast Company & Fox News)