Ryan Reynolds’ Recent Responses On More ‘Deadpool’ Are Both Blunt And A Riddle Wrapped In An Enigma

The fate of Deadpool as an onscreen entity — especially as the character’s gloriously profane, hard-R self — has been a giant question mark since Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Even prior to the pandemic, no one could predict whether the Merc with a Mouth would surface in Deadpool 3 or an X-Force movie or maybe even wield the katanas in an Avengers flick. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld recently stated that the lack of movement on the character didn’t worry him at all, although he added, “If you make this movie [or not], I’m getting a fat check.” That kind of response sounds about right for Liefeld, but Reynolds is taking a more fan-based approach in his responses, one of which he certainly enjoyed crafting.

First, it’s worth noting that within a lengthy Fast Company profile (largely about Aviation Gin’s rise, including the Peloton Lady stuff) Reynolds cut to the chase. “Three words,” Reynolds said while fielding the Deadpool question. “I don’t know. Obviously, everything is on pause right now.” Fair enough. More than fair, actually.

Next up, Reynolds is getting crafty with his “cuts” lately (including a Green Lantern doozy), so we gotta talk about his recent online celebration of the “Leakaversary.” He was, of course, referencing that infamous July 2014 leak of footage from the first Deadpool movie that sparked pre-Marie Kondo joy from fans and led to a fast-tracking of the movie.

Here’s Reynolds’ take on an Unsolved Mysteries-style montage called Unsolved Leaks. “It’s why the next Deadpool film is taking so long,” he tweeted. “Still trying to solve this. Happy Leakaversary.”

I truly wish there was a clue hidden inside here about a surprise Deadpool 3 movie landing on Disney+ this fall (alongside Mulan), but nope. Happy hunting, though!

(Via Fast Company)